Saturday, September 8, 2007

Best Views of the City?

So City Council commissioned a $75k report on the best views of the city, "intended to help city planners formulate development guidelines within those view corridors." The 229 page plan was put together by Human Nature, a landscape architecture firm and The Hillside Trust, an advocacy and land conservation group. If you visit the first link I have here, you also get a nice Yahoo Maps guide to great views of the city. Some of the photography is so-so, but it gives you some great starting points for a fun day trip to take your own collection.

On one hand, I like that they spent the time to study these views and that there is the intention on using this info in urban planning. But $75k seems pretty steep to me for this report (and yes, I have actually read it). I applaud The Hillside Trust and their efforts over the years. I guess I'm more skeptical of the city actually using it in their planning and future development. I just hope this money wasn't wasted and that the report comes to good use.


Steve Carter-Novotni, CityBeat said...

We ran this in our 2006 Best of Cincinnati issue:

Top 10 Obscure Scenic Views in Greater Cincinnati

1. The Anderson Ferry
River Road (Rt. 50) at Anderson Ferry Road, Riverside
This historic ferry takes passengers from the West Side to Northern Kentucky and back again all day long. It costs $3.25 for each car or 50 cents for foot passengers. It's a slow, scenic trip from one side to the other, eventually.

2. Boal/Milton Play Area
300 block of Boal Street, Liberty Hill
This narrow patch of green is nestled between Milton and Boal streets and affords a panoramic view of the city with a sprawling field of 19th-century rowhouses in the foreground.

3. The Oregon Street Steps
Monastery and Oregon streets, Mount Adams
The steps, sullied by trash and crimped between rows of houses, delivers a creepy, post-apocalyptic view of Cincinnati. The city slowly emerges as you descend and downtown's backyard opens like a rusty flower.

4. Bellevue Hill Park's Bluff
2191 Ohio Ave., Clifton Heights
This park was once home to the Bellevue House and Incline, an exclusive resort and brothel. If you head toward the city overlook and move to the extreme right of the fence, you'll find a break you can climb over and explore the edge of the bluff, nestled several stories above Clifton Avenue, providing a stunning view of Cincinnati and a secret hideaway for local lovers. Be careful - it's a long way down and there's no guard rail.

5. Beneath the I-471 Bridge at Sawyer Point
801 E. Pete Rose Way at Eggleston, Downtown
You can easily work your way down a small hill on either side of the base of the Big Mac Bridge. On the river's edge you'll find a narrow ledge dubbed 'The Phoenix Nest' by a local graffiti artist. It's a private, panoramic view of the river at water level.

6. Cincinnati Christian University Campus
2700 Glenway Ave., Price Hill, 513-244-8100
Near the peak of Price Hill, this college campus offers a Westsider's perspective on the city. A stone patio and park benches make for a serene hideaway.

7. The 16th Floor of the Times-Star Building
800 Broadway St., Downtown
This ornate 1930s newspaper building practically defines art deco and has a 360-degree view of Cincinnati on its top floor. This is the Hamilton County Administration building, so you might want to let them know what you're doing Ñ though if you play it cagey, you'll be rewarded with solitude.

8. Riverview Revolving Restaurant
668 W. Fifth St., Covington, 859-491-5300
This one, of course, isn't obscure at all, but it's really underrated among locals. It's a slow-moving carousel atop the Radisson Hotel, providing 360 degrees of views from your dining table (along with an excellent meal).

9. Western Hills Viaduct
Located at the bottom of West McMillan Street at Central Parkway
The double-decker viaduct is a main artery between the West Side and the rest of the city. Its south side has a sidewalk and nice distance views of the West End and the huge railyard below. Looking over the side at the drop Ñ more than five stories Ñ might give you a touch of vertigo.

10. Baba Budan's Bearcat Cafe
239 W. McMillan St., Clifton Heights, 513-221-1911
This non-smoking coffeehouse offers light food, alcohol and a killer streetside view. It looks like the cars coming up Clifton Avenue will run right into you - and, you know, it is Uptown, so they just might.

CincyBlurg said...

Now that's a cool list of vistas! Thanks for sharing Steve!

Hmm, I'll have to come up with my own obscure list... that will be a fun Sunday afternoon.

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