Thursday, August 23, 2007

Child dies in hot car

Jebus, this is a sad story, and I really hesitate to comment until we know all the facts, but I just can't keep quiet. How ever this went down, there are some startling facts and statistics brought up in this article.

"The death of the girl infant was at least the second car and heat-related death in the nation Thursday."

"...Thursday’s death was the 23rd such fatality involving a child in a vehicle this year..."
(More stats and my opinion after the jump.)
"In a matter of 10 minutes, the temperature inside the Mercedes could have reached close to 120 degrees. Jan Null, an adjunct professor of meteorology at San Francisco University, said the car’s temperature could have been in excess of 145 degrees and that objects in direct sunlight would have been much hotter."

“You see these types of stories all the time,” Lt. Scott Gaviglia of the Union Township Police Department said. “My experience is there is no class or educational boundaries. Just drive through a Kroger parking lot and see who leaves their kids in the car.”

"Last year, 29 children died after being left in hot cars. Between 1998 and 2007, there have been 344 such deaths..."

"...close to 40 percent of all children who died in a hot car were forgotten."
That last one scares the bejebus outta me. What the hell is wrong with these parents?

NOTE: I'm not pointing fingers at the lady in this current incident, as we don't know what happened.

But anyone who does forget their kids in a car needs to be locked in there too on a day like today, until they're nice and crispy. I'd really like to hear from you all on this one!


Tony said...

When I saw this in the Cinci Enquirer - my gut just sank. I don't know how this happened but however it happened it's so terribly sad.

If it is negligence on the parent/guardian's part, then have we learned nothing from the Marcus Fiesel case?

I know it's too Pollyanna to think this but this sort of thing has got to stop.


5chw4r7z said...

This really is "stick a gun in your mouth" stuff.
Jesus how do you go on after murdering your own child?

Brendan said...

Do not judge this woman too harshly. I'm not saying she isn't responsible - this should NEVER happen - but unless you have had several small children, ten places to go, and very little sleep, you cannot see how this could possibly happen. Maybe she's an irresponsible, horrible parent who was out at a party until 4AM the night before - or maybe she's a harried, fatigued Mom who was pulled in 20 directions, had been taking care of a sick child or parent, and simply spaced out, thought she dropped the kid off already. She should face the law, and the punishment is awful enough, but don't judge too harshly unless all of the facts are clear.

Marilyn said...

Of course we don't know all the facts.

That being said, I'm a mother of two (both grown), and I can't imagine how a person would 'forget' their child is in the car. I'm sure there are many tri-state parents thinking the same thing as I.

Every parent on the planet is harried with too much to do, but WHO could forget their child in the car?

CincyBlurg said...

Like I said in the post, until we know the facts, I'm not passing any judgment or making any accusations...

But FORGETTING your kid? C'mon.

I don't have kids, and I space out all the time - which is part of my worry that I'll have issues being a mom myself. However, as my mom said, "Becoming a parent changes you - or at least it SHOULD.

I'm glad to see that people are chiming in on this one. What I'd really like to talk about is these stats! Can you believe how much this happens? And what should the punishment be for a parent that does forget their child? Is the tragedy enough? Should they face jail time?

How about sterilization - so they don't make any more kids that could be in danger? Or make any more morons? Perhaps we need sterilization in cases like this to clean up the gene pool. It's getting pretty muddy. (Once again, NOTE: I'm not talking about the mother in this specific case - yet.)

5chw4r7z said...

I wasn't judging anybody, I don't have any kids, I was just trying to get my head around killing one if I did have one.

Anonymous said...

have we learned nothing from the Marcus Fiesel case?

Umm. What?

phyzish said...

Brendan- It's not a matter of judgement, it's a matter of RESPONSIBILITY. As an imperfect parent myself, I can sympathize with the side affects of motherhood-- I can't, however, excuse BLATANT STUPIDITY.

To spend your last few minutes suffiocating in burning car is a cruel death for anyone, ESPECIALLY for a CHILD who is TRAPPED.

Tony said...

Why have we not heard anything more on this? It's like the news decides to drop it? What actually happened here? Was it negligence or a freak accident?

Also, anonymous must not be from Cinci.

Anonymous said...

From what I read she just forgot that her child was in the back seat. Even though she remembered to stop and by donuts for her staff. Went to work at 7am and the little girl was found at 3pm. This is a horrible way to die, do the research - it isn't quick and painless. It makes my stomach sick to think about it.

I am a working mother and I forget "things" all the time but I have NEVER, not even ONE time forgotten my child in my car or even forgotten about my child at all. I think about her even all day long while I am working and going to meetings. I just don't get how she didn't remember at some point during that long, hot summer day.

It's a tragedy that this ever happens and it seems to me that most cases aren't parents just totally forgetting about their child but more just being neglectful and purposely leaving them in the car. I do feel awful for this mother because I don't know how she'll ever live with herself, I can't even begin to imagine.

CincyBlurg said...

I still can't find any more info on this story. It's like the media figured she'd suffered enough and dropped the thread - but why this story and not the thousands of other bones the love to pick at like the vultures they are?

Kevin LeMaster said...

^ I heard on the radio last night that it's supposed to go in front of a grand jury within the next couple of days, and they'll decide if any charges should be pursued.

CincyBlurg said...

Finally! More news about this...

It seems that many Enquirer readers are up in arms about this incident, and her only supporters seem to be people who know her.

I find it interesting that I didn't come out swinging from the start - I wanted to post my absolute gut reaction, but I took a moment to consider the what ifs, and put myself in the mother's shoes. I guess it was my own fears about motherhood one day, but I'm sorry I was such a milquetoast.


There, I said it. And it feels good. I don't have much sympathy for stupid people. I do have TONS of sympathy for poor little girls trapped in hot cars dying a slow, horrible death.

I need to go cry now.

Anonymous said...

Now that you’re done crying, think about this; there is a presumption that this was an accident both in the media and on this blog. One of the first articles in The Enquirer and/or Post said that further investigation would determine whether or not charges of child endangerment or manslaughter would be filed.

That seems to eliminate the charge of murder. What if for some reason she didn’t like or want the kid? It happens. What better way to get rid of her? “Ah nuts, I forgot I left her out there in my Mercedes on one of the hottest days in history. Please take me to the hospital now, I’m upset.”

I’m just sayin’.

Anonymous said...

No criminal charges will be filed against this mother, this information was released today. I don't agree at all; I think at the least she should have negligent and/or child endangerment charges. I honestly believe if this was a poor, struggling mother who made the same mistake charges would be filed and I don't think it's fair at all.

Anonymous said...

Ok, saw on the noon news that nothing is going to be done with/to this woman.

"They" decided it was an accident.

Hmmm, I have to wonder if the child had been left in a rusted Festiva by some laborer, would the outcome have been the same?

Marilyn said...

Ooops, forgot to put my name in above. It was from me.

UK Car Dealers said...

Sad to know that. I feel sorry for the innocent baby. I hope just this incident would be a lesson to us.

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