Saturday, August 25, 2007

On my radar: spacetropic

So the blog spacetropic came to my notice recently - mainly because he blogged about me and emailed me notice of the fact. I do love it when bloggers are courteous enough to let you know when they blog about you. But I would have found out eventually... I have my minions crawling the web, searching, digging [insert evil laugh here]. Oh, how I do love Google Alerts!

I have to admit I don't always email people when I blog about them. Some of my posts about others are more like shots across the bow, but emailing them about it would be a declaration of war.

So, I like spacetropic, and I would like to link to him, but currently I'm not linking to blogs/sites that don't have a specifically Cincinnati focus. I really try to stay on message. Yes there are several other blogs that I do read regularly, but I don't often post about them here or link to them. Some of them are national in nature, some are done by people I know locally, some I just like. But if they're not Cincinnati-centric in content - Michelle Lentz's My Wine Education comes to mind - I just don't see a place here where I could link them. Perhaps if/when I organize my links a bit better and do yet another face-lift on my layout I will find a space to link to other blogs I like.

Now to address the comments Brendan made about me on spacetropic. He calls me both crass AND prolific. Nice. So far, he gets it. ;) Then he says something that really cracked me up, "'s another female blogger who writes about events of the day - or at least does so sometimes, in between the predictable self-infatuation and yipping that come with being 20s-ish."

Like us gurls online usually only write diary-like drivel without substantial content! (Okay, fine, most of the wenches out here in the blogosphere usually do.) I will admit that this blurg is definitely me-centric - but mainly Cincy-centric - however you can't forget, I'm one hot bitch. But seriously folks, I really want to be personal as much as I am political, emotional as much as I am logical, and crass as much as I am prolific. Now that last one may be hard to balance with my foul mouth, but I'm tryin.

My favorite part is his assumption that I'm 20s-ish. I wish! As you'll note from my recent comments on the whores at The Ranch, I'm no longer in my 20s. But that's all you get to know, a gurl doesn't reveal her true age after 25. I will say I've had MANY twenty-fifth birthdays.


Brendan said...

Well, I like the fact that you came out swinging against the Dean. For a couple of years I've tried to stir the pot over at the Beacon as the punching bag semi-conservative - with comments and even one or two posts - but the "dialogue" is always very homogeneous, and eventually it just seems a little bitter.

Plus the Heimlich thing is starting to seem like a mental disorder. It's like that SN skit with Will Ferrell - he plays the winning candidate in an election, and when it's over he still can't stop himself from running up to the losing guy in parking lots and hurling invective at him (which, er, the Beacon has actually done with Heimlich, now that I think about it).

Whatever it's worth, I deliberately write about Cincinnati about 20% of the time. And I always think it's useful to try and find the national angle of local stories - I have a quite few very loyal readers out of town in various places, and if you can make some salient observation about the importance of Ohio as a electoral swing state, for example, it's more interesting.

Sorry about the 20s thing, I suppose I sounded a little age-ist, or reverse age-ist, or something.

CincyBlurg said...

Brendan, please, don't apologize. I loved your post. And I loved responding to it. I just had some thoughts about it this morning and I got them out. And was glad to tip my hat to your work.

I was thinking about 20-something thing more today and Jebus, it made me feel good. I'm so glad I'm not in my twenties any more. Funny how when we were young older people sounded crotchety when complaining about younger people. Now we do it and it just feels right, and even good sometimes.

On the Dean, I really actually agree with him on occasion, and also find some of his writing really good. My issue has always been his bullsh*t and digging up (or should I say making up?) stories where there are none. He's been doing far longer than the two I mentioned in my post.

And his rhetoric is so thick with sh*t I can't help but think he barely pulls his head out to breathe.

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