Monday, August 20, 2007

If it floats, it's a duck. Or a boat. Or a witch.

I came by this story via some posts on some other blogs (Musings and Building) and although I try not to be 'me too' with my posts, I really wanted to throw my $0.02 in and bring more attention to this issue.

My take on the boat is this: if it floats, then it floats. It's a beautiful piece of living history that's still doing what it was built to do. If it has lasted this long then I'm sure it'll last a lot longer than any of us assh*les debating its seaworthiness. If there's a problem with the boat's hull, then take it off-line and fix/reinforce it.

After reading Tony from Musing's ordeal with contacting the congressman opposing the exemption, I really considered James Oberstar D-8th District MN for an AssHatAward, but another candidate nominated himself.


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