Friday, August 17, 2007

GFS: GoldF-ingStar

Ok, so call mE gimmicky, but I'm on a roll here - and having fun, so kiss my stink.

I've been both positive and negative on the blurg, but I've got two awards BSM & AHA that are negative, and I decided that no amount of cheerleading was going to balance out unless I created a positive award. So I came up with the GoldF-ingStar.

Now you're gonna have to take the name in stride and jest, it's just a crass term for a truly benevolent accolade. Remember when we were kids and we got a gold star on our papers from the teacher? That was THE sh*t! Thus I wanted to have something that would bestow the same sense of pride and honor, er maybe not honor, but pride anyway.

So here we have it, the GoldF-ingStar. Given to people who make significant contributions to the city, region, etc., be it service, activism, achievement, or the advancement of the local blogosphere. And other stuff I think up as I go along.

And YES, I know I need to come up with a better graphic. I was trying to do this at work and had to be kinda covert, so I didn't really put much time into it. I'll fix it soon.