Friday, August 3, 2007

BSM & AHA: The Cincinati Beacon

Double the pleasure, double the fun... This week we have two awards going to the same person!

BullSh*tMeterOh, WAAH!! The Beacon didn't get considered for the best blog in Cincinnati on CincyTechUSA's list. It MUST be a conspiracy designed to "stop the real contenders from getting additional publicity," according to The Dean.

You've GOT to be kidding me. The Chamber made up rules to keep your blog out of the contest?! They're hiding Cincinnati's great social unrest and political dissent by keeping multi-author blogs out of the contest! It's a conspiracy. No where does he mention that many of the individual blogs listed all link to many of the local multi-author blogs in their blogrolls.

(More of Haap's BS and his AHA after the jump.)

I'm no big fan of the Chamber, but maybe the rules are just what they say they are: a way to recognize the hard work of individual bloggers? Is that so hard to believe?

Jason Haap, A.K.A., the DEAN of Cincinnati, actually posited that "the REAL top blogs in Cincinnati" were:

  1. The Cincinnati Beacon
  2. CityBeat’s Porkopolis
  3. The Cincinnati Black Blog
  4. CincyNewsAche
How about the big brass ones on this guy? The Beacon is one of the top blogs in Cincy? Of course you see the usual conspiracy theory that Jason's manufacturing: The Beacon, Cinti Black Blog, Porkopolis, they're all gonna be excluded because they're vocal critics of the Chamber. Of course he didn't stop consider that maybe it's because those blogs suck.

Porkopolis? Flannery's excuse to expose the public to more of his wacko commie pinko leftist claptrap that wouldn't fit in his column. Actually I kiid, I kiid. Usually Greg is just editing the column and the blog, but stand back when he actually does put two words together. They're sure to be memorable. The Cinti Black Blog? Don't get me started on Nate, I'll save that for another time. NewsAche is a well written blog but really, it's a one trick pony: bitch about the Enquirer. It's nice for an occasional read, but gets old real quick. Yeah we all know the Enquirer/Gannett sucks, I don't need to analyze it over and over. This guys got quite the obsession. And then there's The Beacon? One of the best?! Get real. But more on that in a bit.

Certified AssHatOr maybe Haap's head is so far up his own ass he doesn't smell the sh*t any more... which brings me to our other dishonorable mention for this week: The Dean, AssHat Extraordinaire.

I've been reading the Beacon since it emerged and The Dean's old blog before that. At first I really thought he had some promise: he pledged to foster intellectual discourse on his site's forums. But in a short time (long before the Beacon) it became apparent that the only opinion he was really interested in, was his own.
I know, I know what you're thinking: doesn't that exactly describe CincyBlurg? Well, yes and no. In general, I do like the hear myself talk, otherwise I wouldn't bother with a blurg. I also have no illusions about that fact, nor do I describe this site to the contrary.
The problem with the Beacon is that they're a bunch of wanna-be journalists who don't treat anyone with respect and bash people if they're not willing to get sucked down into their mud-slinging. We've seen this several times, all the way back to the Dean days, but most recently with Jason's article on Joan Kaup. I'm mean, dude, get over it. She wanted to meet face to face - I applaud her for that. And making a big deal out of the missed appointment? Well he apparently dosen't spend much time conducting real business or you'd know that busy schedules can become difficult. This is yet another example of someone bumping into his fragile little ego and in retaliation Haap manufacturing a story where there is none.

Justin Jeffre and a few of the others in the Beacon crew seem like nice enough people, but when you run with a guy like Haap, you lose your credibility. Funny thing, I've seen/heard Jeffre referred to as a "Haap follower" and the Jason's "boy." For the most part anything he had done previously to his involvement with the Beacon is become a distant memory.

So this week's BullSh*tMeter reading goes to The Dean and the Beacon, who buried the needle once again. Surf's up! And he topped it off with an AssHat Award. Nice. I need to think up another award as I'm sure he'll be able to nail the trifecta in the future, again and again.


The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Reader's Choice, Best Blog, Best of Cincinnati, 2007: The Cincinnati Beacon.

Anonymous said...

That's Haap's comeback?

How many times did you vote, Jason? I imagine if you got together and got the 25 jokers that will vote for Michael Earl, then you get the prize, right?

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