Wednesday, August 1, 2007

¡ Migration in Progress !

Note: If you see a bunch of past posts suddenly appearing, then I'm still in the migration process from WordPress. WordPress was a nice system, rendered very pretty pages, had nice templates to start with and the back end was quite smooth, but it had little to no expandability on the free hosting server. To customize anything, you needed to purchase a paid upgrade, or move the hosting to your own hosting service.

Google's take over of Blogger has finally really seen it's influence with the latest release of the templates and update of the back-end interface. It's pretty straight forward and gives you a ton of options, if you know how to add in your own code and can modify the templates. Plus you have lots of free storage space on your Google acct, via Google Page Creator, Google Docs and Google's Picasa Photo service. It'll take a while to get all my goodies up and running over here, so be patient. I should be back to regular posting by mid next week, hopefully.