Saturday, June 23, 2007

Frequently Axed Questions

Who the hell do you think you are anyway?

Just someone who took the time to put their thoughts on the InterWeb. Don't like 'em? Don't read 'em. You got something to say, then comment. Or create your own blurg. Or shut up and do nothing like the good little sheep you probably are anyway.

Why is this blog anonymous?

Well, a girl can't be too careful these days.

What are you afraid of?

Stupid people. The prejudices of people who can't have an honest discussion/debate without turning it into a personal vendetta. Or people who take petty insults (like the ones I like to throw around for fun) way too seriously. It's the blogosphere, get over it. Mainly just stupid people. They really scare me.

Where exactly do you live?

In the city. So I'm not a hypocrite. I can vote here, so I can bitch here. You move to a suburb, then you go bitch about you little township issues. You want a stake in the city of Cincinnati, then live in it.

Wait, you live in the city but you bitch about the suburbs too. Isn't THAT hypocritical?

Bite me. My blurg, my rant.

Why are you so mean/pissed off/angry/moody, etc.? Do you hate Cincinnati/this group/that restaurant?

Well, I'm not really. Most people who know me well will tell you I'm a pretty good-natured, happy person. I just find it cathartic to bitch about stuff I see and can't stand. I wanted some of my rants to get to bigger audience in order that they may do some good by either inspiring discussion, debate, or better yet, ACTION. I don't criticize in order to put down or demoralize any one or any thing, especially Cincinnati. I LOVE this town. I complain to affect change. Without criticism there is no improvement. Hang around long enough and you'll see some cheerleadering too, I promise.

Are you M/F? Married/single? Height/weight/age? Eye color/hair color?

Why does it matter? My demographics don't determine my opinion, my experiences do. Quit being hung up on me and worry about your own sh*t. Who says I'm one person anyway? Perhaps I'm part of a vast conspiracy to spread propaganda about how you're an idiot? Or maybe you're just an idiot.

Why are you so foul-mouthed?

I watch too many movies and was influenced by heavy metal as an adolescent. I grew up around working-class people drinking hard liquor and playing cards while chain smoking and bitching about the world going to hell - swearing just came with the territory. My mother never loved me. Take your pick...What the f**k do you care anyway? Don't like it, move on to the kiddie pool.

Why are there two versions of this site?

I'm took the opportunity of building a new website to try out the latest incarnations of Blogger and WordPress, and see which will meet my needs best. Blogger won, thus you'll see I've migrated most posts over. I'm also evaluating Picasa vs. Flickr, as well as Yahoo mail vs. Gmail. I'll let you know my evaluation on the latter items soon.

In some of your posts you refer to certain comments, but I don't see those comments you're referring to?

When I migrated the site from WordPress to Blogger, I lost my comments. Don't worry, there weren't that many. But you can change that! Comment now!

What happened to the blurg? Why was it dead from September 2007 to March 2008?

I've explained that in about as much detail as I was legally advised to do in my comeback post.

Did you randomly make up these questions because you were bored, or do people really ask you this stuff?

If you actually read all the way down to this point on the page, then you're real bored or I'm a great writer - and we both know the latter ain't the truth. Get a life.