Sunday, June 24, 2007

Building Cincinnati

I'll let you in on my new web obsession: Building Cincinnati. I have such a blog crush on this guy - stop it, I'm talking about his blog. His stuff is informative and detailed, and although the material is pretty dry, I have some amazing need to check it every day now (which I rarely check any one blog EVERY day), and have been spending free time combing through his archives (does that sound too much like innuendo?)

Because I'm very interested in the city's development (as in moving forward), after reading his site for a while I realized how much I'm interested in development in the city (as in building sh*t). Didn't know that about myself. Usually it's, "Oh, great, another Walgreens." But now I'm like, "Hmm, I know it's essentially a strip mall, but that 'life style center' will look a lot better in that area than the crap that was there before."


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