Monday, June 18, 2007

Talkin' Fringe

I was talkin to a few friends about this year's Fringe the other day. We went to a ton of the shows, more than I was able to go to last year. In general it seemed much more together, more organized than last year. And the parties were great.

The quality of the shows was much better in general, but all in all there was nothing to write home about, except for Calculus: The Musical, which was spectacular. Everyone raved about iLove, which frankly bored me to tears. I think that everyone was just juiced up because two of the actors let their naughty bits hang out.

The one show that stands out in my mind as just awful was Extreme Puppet Theatre. Sad part is, I really think the performers behind it thought they were funny. It was downright painful to sit through.

What were your favorite and not-so-favorite Fringe moments?


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