Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Great Cincinnati-themed shirts!

I was going back through old comments, and I found a link to these guys. They do great Cincinnati-themed shirts. I wish the comment wasn't anon, because I would love to thank the person for turning me on to the shirts.

Glad to see folks taking pride in and poking fun at the Nati at the same time. I've even seen the West Chester one out and about. I posted a few of my favorites after the break. Enjoy!

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Ikea Zapatistas!

Rise up Cincinnati! Don't go like sheep through the automatic sliding doors of the Ikea retail slaughterhouse. Think different! Try something... wait for it... USED!

I challenge you to post your favorite local places to buy furniture - used furniture stores, consignment shops, thrift stores, antique malls, even flea markets! And if you know of a good local shop that makes their own furniture or sells locally-made, regionally-made, or at least American-made furniture, let us know about them too! Recycle, reuse, or at least buy local.

I'll start with the first suggestion...

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Monday, March 10, 2008

AHA: Ikea fans

Certified AssHatShe's back with a bang - second post back and I'm already throwing an AssHat Award at someone. In fact, I'm giving out a bunch of 'em to a bunch of people!

This apparently is the MOST IMPORTANT news of the day in Cincinnati, because it was the main headline on this afternoon: "Line forms early for Ikea." You've got to f**king kidding me...

(Details and pic after the jump.)

To quote's caption for this photo:

Some very eager (and tired) shoppers are camping out today to be among the first inside Ikea's new West Chester Township store, which opens at 9 a.m. Wednesday. Here's everything you'll need to know about the grand opening.

* Video: Putting your purchase together
* A shopping primer | Store map
* How to shop at Ikea | Photos
Apparently the economy's not in the sh*tter enough if people still have the time and disposable income to take two days and nights out of productive society to spend it sitting on their asses in front of a place where they're planning on spending lots of money on crappy particle-board furniture.

Now, I'm not advocating that anyone should do a drive-by on these wastes-of-flesh or anything, but I'm sure few would miss them in the gene pool.

So AssHat Awards all around!
- To and whatever associated media that thought this was actually news - you should be ashamed.
- To everyone who's gonna cram their fat asses through the sliding doors on opening day looking like a rabid trailer-trash grandma looking for the last Cabbage Patch Kid - you're probably the same jackasses that line-up for an opening of the local chapter of the Golden Corral (or Golden Trough, as I like to call it).
- To everyone sitting there in line two days before the opening - I hope your flat-pack Crappka or Hurll chair breaks under the wait of your fat ass.

BONUS ROUND: Anyone know the reference in the last picture of the post?
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I'm baaaaack...

Sorry kiddies. Long time no see. Long story.

Simple version: the uptights at work found out about my blurg because of an AssHat co-worker, HR got involved, job was on the line, I dropped out of sight (and site) until things blew over or I could move to another company, I got a great new job (same industry), with a much better company, and now have a new boss that knows about the blog and doesn't care at all as long as I don't bring up anything related to work or my clients. A great new boss and a great new job. Sometimes things just work out the way they're supposed to, I guess.

Sorry again about my absence - but I had to keep the lights on, ya know? I've missed you all and have been keeping up with your blogs. I didn't comment under my own name because said AssHat was out to get me, and I couldn't take a chance that she was googling for my moniker to come up on other sites and thus expose me as not really being offline as promised. I did drop some anon comments for a while, but that got depressing, so much of this winter I've ignored the fray. But I'm back in it to win it, bitches.

So there it is, my first and last official post about work and the nastiness of the past six months. Oh yeah, one more thing - hey Cindy, go outside and play "Hide & Go F**k Yourself".

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