Tuesday, June 19, 2007

BSM: BullSh*tMeter

BullSh*tMeterI realized that I needed some regular occurrence to give me the impetus to blurg at least once a week - during those heavy times, when a girl has that not-so-fresh feeling and could give a sh*t outside of her own world.

And I wanted some gimmick to make the site fun/funny, yet hit right at the heart of the matter - its reason for being: calling out the bullsh*t in the Nati. So I came up with the BullSh*tMeter. Well, maybe 'came up with' is not quite the term. I should say, 'completely ripped off' the idea from about a million other sites that do it - heck, even the graphic isn't original (but I did spend some time redoing it much more to my liking).

So at least once every couple of weeks - to be fair to myself, my schedule and my cat (she's so demanding) a couple of weeks may end up being more like once a month - I will post a new reading on the BullSh*tMeter. Some oh-so-lucky subject will feel the sting of my biting wit - or be annoyed, at least.

And if you're interested in seeing all the BSMs, just click on the tag bullsh*t or the BullSh*tMeter graphic in any BSM post to see all the past recipients.

And so it begins...


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