Monday, August 20, 2007

AHA: Bob Buford

Certified AssHatSo, good ol' Bobby B, the Chicagoland troll that lurks around Cincinnati Blog's comments decided to chime in about my humble site, my lack of substance, and my fast-approaching demise. Well, I won't get into my response here in detail, as you can read it yourself, but I told him to go outside and play, "Hide and Go F**k Yourself!"

More importantly, let's look at Bob himself. I could sit here and call him a conservative idiot, a racist, a complete moron - oh, wait, I just did. But why take my word for it. Just look at his own words. They paint the picture far more eloquently than I could.

He's been lurking in the shadows of Brian's blog for a while now, even after he moved out of the city. He continues to comment on the state and affairs of Cincinnati, as if he has any idea what's going on here, or ever did. In one of his posts last year he mentions that he used to live right near the Oldenburg brewery before he was old enough to drink. So he's an uppity white kid who grew up in the suburbs of Northern Kentucky and thinks he has all the answers to the worlds problems - and they tend to sound like he's copying them from his KKK Youth Manual.

Well, Bob, I really don't need to say much more about you, as anyone willing to read through your own writing will find out everything they need to know. I'll leave you, my dear readers, with this little tidbit that I unfortunately can't take credit for myself, but I think will bring to you as much of a guffaw as it did me:
J.N. Atailya's May 11th response to Bob's comments...


It's time you had the surgery to remove the pieces of spine that are hindering you from keeping your c**k in your mouth, where it belongs. I know you spent a good deal of your youth fighting to stay limber enough to self-fellate. But now, thanks to the wonders of modern surgery, you can once again fill your c**k holster with your very own pants meat -- meager as it is.


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