Monday, August 20, 2007

Another place, another TIME

While searching Google for some local arts info I ran across this article, and immediately started reading it without noticing the date it was published. It's a pretty interesting piece on the Cincinnati May Festival, but it's dated 1939. It was weird because before I noticed the date I kept thinking the writing was somehow odd, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

(See a picture of the cover after the jump.)


l0v1n97y yrz said...

The writing seemed odd to you because of the antiquated sentence structure. Look at the first graf:

It owes its music to the influx of German refugees (after Germany's revolution of 1848) whom the yellow Ohio River reminded of the Rhine."
With them to Cincinnati they brought Moselle and Riesling wine grapes, which they planted in the surrounding hills, and traditional German love of music. The grapes did not turn out well, but the love of music soon began to bear.

"Whom the river reminded..." "With them to Cincinnati they brought..." "Love of music soon began to bear..."

Some ye olde wryting, that -- not grammatically wrong, just a little more complicated and twisty than we are used to in these days of Leet and txt msging.

CincyBlurg said...

l0v1n97y yrz, you appear to be some sort of wordsmith, or at least a bit OCD on the grammar. What, art thou a schoolmarm?

I would agree that the writing is more complex and I have to say I LIKED IT! I do wish we were all more particular about our writing, at least in official printed pieces.

I wouldn't want the same restrictions on blogging, as I like that this technology and everyone's free acceptance has opened up more avenues of conversation in our society than we had previously. I wish they were better conversations with more consequence, but at least we're talking.

Not like the 90s when all the gen-xers sat around and smoked pot, played PlayStation, watched MTV, and beat grunge to death. Or maybe that was just me.

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