Friday, August 17, 2007

GFS: New Kid on the Block, er Blog - BuyCincy

There's a new blog in town, and I love it! It's just the kind of thing we need... a site that encourages/enables shopping with local vendors.

From their about page:

BuyCincy is an attempt to highlight the uniqueness of Cincinnati in the face of increasing international homogeneity. We hope to inspire you to head to your local grocer, hardware store, furniture store, restaurant, etc. instead of driving to nearest the boring, flavorless, formulated big-box. By choosing to support locally-owned stores, we can contribute to the cool places that help make Cincinnati special while strengthening the local economy.

BuyCincy is run by downtown resident and lifelong Cincinnatian Sean Fisher. Sean is a University of Cincinnati student majoring in Urban Studies. He is also involved in environmental issues in Cincinnati, working to help organize the local chapter of the international movement Green Drinks.

I thought this site would be the perfect choice to inaugurate my GoldF-ingStar award.


Kevin LeMaster said...

Good choice.

L0v1n97y yrz said...

I think we would all shop more locally if local stores were as convenient and inexpensive as the boxies.

I'm willing to forgo convenience for local authenticity, unless I really, really, really need something at 11:30 pm.

That happens more often than you would imagine for people who tend to be urban-minded, like me.

That's why local retail variety always coincides with urban critical mass ... if downtown restaurants and shops close at 6 pm and are never open on Sunday, then it stands to reason that no one will want to hang around downtown after 6 pm and on Sunday.

I know the mayor and DCI, et. al. keep pushing the "staying open later" meme, but as long as downtown is empty after-hours, it makes no sense to comply.

And the cycle begins.

Not sure how to break it but we freaking better and soon.

CincyBlurg said...

Breaking the cycle is a difficult thing. Not sure how it's done, or frankly, where to begin. but we need to do it. Soon!

We need a corp like Kroger with deep pockets and strong local ties to just grab their sack and jump into the downtown retail arena with a real grocery store - one that would be able to server the people living in the area.

Even after the redesign that Kroger on Vine still sucks - the selection is terrible, and parking is non-existent.

I have some friends in other cities that are buying their groceries online and having them delivered. Do we have a similar service here? Does anyone use it personally? Do you live downtown, and if not, why do you use the service?

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