Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hot eats late after a cool performance

So my new buddy Shawn over at Cincinnati Arts blog just updated (he gives credit to his intern for the html legwork) his Eating After the Show page. I have to tell you, I've been using this resource for a while now, ever since I found it about six months back.

It's got detailed listings of the hours of operation of the kitchens of various food-serving establishments in and around downtown. He even just added a new section for Clifton/University Heights.

The page is part of a number of pages on that are designed to help break the ice for the arts-uninitiated, including info on convenient eating after an evening performance, what to wear to certain types of arts events, etc.

They could probably go a step farther and add a page on parking, but that's a bitch to maintain so I understand if they don't - I'm sure it's hard enough keeping the restaurant list up-to-date. I bring up the parking only because I hear people bitch about parking downtown more than any other complaint - and honestly, parking downtown is a breeze, most people are just STUPID and don't pay attention (I'll save this for another rant another time).

Cincinnati Arts is part of a group of websites by Enjoy the Arts, a great organization that helps get people into the arts by providing various memberships that get you free and discount tickets to tons of cool stuff all over the area. It used to be just for students, but these days there's a membership level for every age group. I highly recommend getting one - you save a ton of money and find out about lots of cool sh*t you wouldn't normally hear about!


L0v1n97y yrz said...

Parking downtown IS a breeze. DCI's site maintains a pretty extensive list of garages and lots, amenities, prices and maps, not to mention valet, which has been everywhere lately and little more expensive than parking yourself.

"Hard to find parking" and "nothing to do" are tied for first place in my list of irrational, idiotic, insane ass(hat)umptions that the brain-dead cretins in the area cite as reasons not to hang out in the city.

5chw4r7z said...

I think people are brainwashed into the mall and "lifestyle center" idea of lets drive to a gigantic parking lot, and someone will present us with something to do. No need for thinking on our part.
Downtown takes a little planning in that, first you nust know what you want to do, which of course only a few of us do.
Blurggurl, you know Shawn? So we're crossed paths. I figure out who you are sooner or later.

CincyBlurg said...

Ha ha! Do you think I'd let my identity slip THAT easily? Shawn and I are email buddies, that's all. Nice try 5chw4r7z, but you'll have to do better than that!

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