Saturday, August 18, 2007

Who is that masked person? Part Deux

I got the most cryptic email last night. Someone yet again thought they knew who I was, that is, my secret identity. But they were quite cagey about it. Well, as I've said before, us superheroes don't reveal our secret identity because even Petey Parker knows 'with great power comes great responsibility.'

But this time I was almost literally ROTFL IRL (aren't you sick of those abbreviations?!). Well, I hate to disappoint my personal private eye, but NO, I'm not Nick Spencer. Although his blog's been dead for almost a year, I'm sure he's pretty busy with finding new people to invest in a new club that just might stay open for six months. Anyway, I really don't think Nick's afraid to speak his mind, so what would be the point of him authoring this blog?

(Cool new graphics after the jump.)

Sorry Charlie, you just wasted your one guess. No second tries here. BTW, you guys are pretty chauvinistic with all the male guesses. I never said I was a guy. In fact, I said I was a girl. What's up with this crazy second-guessing my gender?

I decided that I should post some new pics of me, to further dispel any rumors. I've also added another one to the About page. Enjoy!


Sean F. said...


My guess....

Channel 19's own Tricia Mackie.

L0v1n97y Yrz said...
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