Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some of the weirdest concert footage ever...

This is Iggy Pop & the Stooges live from 'the stadium' (Riverfront?) in Cincinnati, June 1970, on a program called Midsummer Rock, complete with sportscaster color commentary and a Falstaff beer commercial break.

My favorite part is around 5:36 when Iggy, who's moving through the crowd, completes the refrain:

"I feel alright! I feel alright!"
And some chick in the crowd, apparently close to the mic, asks him, "Are you alright?" in a very concerned, motherly voice. That cracked me up.

The sound is really bad and although I know YouTube's compression didn't do it any favors, I'd have to say the original sound feed to the television guys probably wasn't that great to begin with. The video's pretty crappy too - probably was from the start - but that too has a lot to do with YouTube.

A real treat comes at the end when the second sportscaster makes his way through the crowd talking to random people while Led Zepplin performs in the background. You should see the 'brain trust' that he interviews. They're a real bunch of winners. I can just imagine my parents and their generation watching this and saying, "Look at those stupid hippies. Midge, if that's the future of America, God help us all."


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