Tuesday, August 14, 2007

AHA: Smokers

Certified AssHatSo, I was at UDF the other day finishing a cellphone call outside before going in - I find it rude to be on the phone while someone is trying to help me behind the counter/ring me up - and I noticed all these little burn marks on the top of the garbage can out front where people had put down their cigarettes before they went in. Either they took too long or forgot them, and the cigs melted fat little lines in the top of the plastic can. I knew what they were because there were a few that still had the filters lying at the end of the melted rut.

So, I hate smoking. I can't remember if I mentioned that before. But I do. And most smokers are rude and self-centered when it comes to their habit. They actually think the have a RIGHT to pollute the air within my vicinity.

And they usually don't care about littering the landscape with their smoldering butts - it amazes me how many smokers litter ALL THE TIME without a second thought. A few years ago I actually had someone at a party at my apartment throw his butt off my balcony and into the yard of my building. I confronted him about it, and he said I was one of those uptight non-smokers, so I threw him out and told my friend who brought him never to bring him around again. Where do these AssHats get off?

Now that smoking has been banned in businesses and indoor public places there are even more butts lining the gutter outside of bars and buildings. I'd love to see littering enforced more, with high fines and stiff penalties, especially on the butt-throwers.


Kevin LeMaster said...

I think it's rude to litter with cigarette butts too. It would be a lot better if more places provided ashtrays, especially near places where there are likely to be a lot of smokers congregating. After all, we provide public garbage cans for trash!

But even if there isn't an ashtray, it's not that hard to just put it out on your shoe and chuck it in the trash. Not doing so is just pure laziness.

Radarman said...

You've overlooked the hideousness of large plastic rubbish bins in general. They would be just as revolting unblemished by the coffin nails

WestEnder said...

And it gives kids asthma.

I second your AHA and support my seconding with my own story: Years ago I was at an anti-Fernald conference. Attendees were angry about the health effects of radioactive waste and wanted the place cleaned up.

Fair enough. But I spoke to the coalition's leader outside during a break. She smoked a cigarette and then tossed it on the ground. And then she went back inside and continued to express indignation about Fernald affected health and environment.

Tony said...

Here, Here!

I also like the "Asshat" Award - you must have studied at the Jen Lancaster School of Don't Piss Me Off!

Keep up the great work on the site!

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