Friday, August 10, 2007

Winners of Best Blog

So they picked the top two blogs:

(My opinion of the winners after the jump.)

Michelle's wine blog is actually a really good read, if you're interested in wine. For someone uneducated but eager to learn about wine like I am, it's nice to join Michelle in her personal journey. But my problem is, although she covers local wine events, it's not really a Cincy-centric blog. It's more a personal blog whose author happens to be in Cincinnati - if she lived anywhere else, the blog would be pretty much the same. She does cover local bars and restaurants somewhat, but it seems to be less of a focus and more of a footnote. I still congratulate her and encourage her to continue her stimulating writing. Her site has become one of my oft-read bookmarks.

Drew's blog is, however, a disappointing choice. I don't like the look of his site, aesthetically or in terms useability - frankly I find it hard to read, especially the italicized text. And I don't find his subject matter to be of particular importance to the city - at least not enough for best blog. I do however read it on occasion, and have found several interesting pieces of news or resources because of his blog. I'd probably be a lot more open to his site if I could read it without getting a headache or straining my eyes, but I still don't see it as one of the best.


5chw4r7z said...

DesignCincinnati has one other fatal flaw as far as I'm concerned, its not updated enough.
Come on Cincy bloggers, once every 10 - 14 days is not acceptable!

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