Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Republican Newsletter

In the Enquirer's online article about Gonzales' resignation, I noticed that six out of the seven politicians they quoted were Republican. Now we all know the Enquirer's editorial board are a bunch of conservative wankers, but guys, c'mon, try not to be so blatant about it. I mean, there's still like one or two people in the tri-state that still believe you're fair and balanced.

Also, most of the Republicans quoted praised Gonzales and denounced the Democrats for creating the situation that led to his resignation. Even though there are many Republicans that were happy to see him go, none of them were quoted.

The Enquirer could use the excuse that all those quoted were local officials, but they could have easily widened their coverage to get a more balanced look at the situation - it's not like they'd have had to do any more work: almost all senators and congressionals have press releases on their websites with official statements on major news like this.

(I was considering giving the Enquirer a BullSh*tMeter reading for this, but I decided most of you probably just see this as business as usual for the Enquirer.)


Anonymous said...

I think they were just requesting feedback from federal representatives. Whether we like it or not, the majority of the Representatives and Senators in this region are still Republican. Naturally, on a federal issue, that's who they're going to poll.

Tony said...

I have to say, Gonzalez and Bush were the ones that screwed up - they didn't have REASONS for the attorney firings - they came up with quizzical looks and it's their own fault - the Democrats really didn't create this - they simply smelled blood and went after it.

I like the reference to the Enquirer as a bunch of "conservative wankers" - always nice to see a nod to our friends across the pond!

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