Sunday, September 9, 2007

Blurg Ketchup (Lot No. 090907)

Or is it catchup? Definitely not catsup. Thought I'd start a recap feature weekly or bi-weekly - a chance for me to catch up on the posts that I may have started to write, but never got around to finishing. Or sometimes just stuff that I don't have much to say about, so I throwing it in here. This was a good week to start, lots of interesting stuff happened.

Schmidt plagiarizes and was exposed by Bill over at The Daily Bellwether. Props to Sloat for a good catch!

Coulter's appearance raises $26,000 for groups she's opposed to, and her speech was described as pretty tame lame. So, the NeoCons blew their money on a dud and helped raise money for groups they oppose. How lovely.

There's an ongoing controversy about a potential "Wall of Buildings" to be built in the area of the Banks. I don't think that's very likely, but Cincinnati's Planning Commission approved amendments allowing developers to build up to 30 stories. The current downtown building owners aren't too happy about losing their river view, but my question is, how do cities like New York and Chicago deal with this same issue on their shorelines?

Good Sam was named the number one hospital for births, in terms of numbers of babies born, in Ohio.

Did I mention that in the last couple o' weeks I added some new features to the Blurg? See those nifty icons below each post? They're for helping you share the articles you like via some of the more popular social bookmarking networks out there. Oh, yeah, I added Space Invaders to the right column too. Enjoy.

And lastly, it's been 10 years since the first blog was born. Happy Blogiversary!


LDP said...

How does a story about a member of Congress blatantly plagiarizing someone's work just vanish into the ether? Isn't it kind of a big deal?

Honestly, I'm not too terribly political, but there are times when I feel as if I live in some sort of alternative universe all my own.

Nice blog, by the way.

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