Thursday, July 12, 2007

Coffee Emporium needs to stay open longer

So Coffee Emporium (OTR) extended their hours until 6pm on weekdays, but are still at 4pm on Saturdays, and not open Sundays at all. I wish they were open later, as I hate to have pack up my sh*t and find another place to use wifi or go home. And their Hyde Park location doesn't have any better hours.

At least I can kinda get wifi at Kaldi's via Main Street's Lily Pad cloud - if I make an extra antenna out of my silverware, and sit in the front window. Shame I can't get food there in the evenings any more.

And people wonder why locally-owned downtown businesses struggle, yet chain restaurants in the suburbs flourish. Well take Starbucks/Panera for example: at all available hours you see people there using their laptops. Well, their hours are consistent, and they have solid wifi connections.


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