Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who is that masked person?

Wow. I never really thought my identity would be the subject of so much speculation. Jebus. The blurg's only been going for like a month and people are already spending most of their time here commenting on who they think I am.

Not that there's a ton of people reading this, but you three really need to get a life!

I've made a few updates to the FAQ, but I doubt it will quell your incessant guessing. I can tell you this, I'm NOT Joe Wessels, as one of you insists. He has his own page where he pretty much speaks his mind (as well as in his articles), so I doubt he'd need an anonymous blog to get his point across. Though I'm complemented that you think I might actually be someone who's a professional writer. I can't imagine getting paid for the crap that spews from my keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club,.I'll send sum traffic ur way if I can..Good luck from

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